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The PyTexas Foundation currently hosts the PyTexas Monthly Virtual Meetup and supports various in-person Python communities and their meetups in Texas.

We currently support:

For more information, email [email protected]

Sponsorship Benefits

All benefits listed below are available with sponsorship. Benefits are active for the entire duration of your sponsorship

  • Display of Logo and Call to Action
    • Logo on our Meetup website
    • Listed as a Sponsor on the Meetup page of the PyTexas Virtual Meetup
    • Listed as a Sponsor on the Meetup page of all in-person meetups PyTexas supports
  • Social Media
    • 1 per month of sponsorship (3 per quarter)
  • Email Newsletter
    • A mention in our monthly PyTexas Community Newsletter
      • 1 mention per quarter of sponsorship
      • Newsletter consists of ~1,000 members
      • Open rate ranges from 40%-50%
  • Meetup
    • Mention and thank you at every PyTexas Virtual Meetup
      • Current attendance ranges from 30 - 65 attendees
      • Meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 8:00pm CST
    • Speaking Opportunity
      • Ability to present to the PyTexas Virtual Meetup
      • 25 minute talk time limit
      • Limit to 1 talk per year
        • Starts with first month of sponsorship
      • Can be given by company or company can designate a third-party speaker (i.e., customer)
      • PyTexas approval required
  • PyTexas Community Discord Server
    • A thank you and mention once per quarter
    • ~600 members
  • PyTexas Conference Sponsorship Discounts
    • 5% discount on any tier per quarter sponsored


  • 1 Quarter - $500
  • 1 Year (4 Quarters) - $1500

Available Slots

We currently have 5 sponsorship slots available for Q2, 2024.