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Sponsorship Information

The PyTexas Foundation has two primary actions:

  • Run the PyTexas Conference, an annual gathering of Pythonistas that is 100% community organized and is funded through the generosity of our sponsors
  • Run the semi-monthly PyTexas Meetup, a virtual meetup to share Python with the Texas technical community run by community volunteers

We also host the PyTexas Discord, which provides both a space for Texas-based Pythonistas to build community and a space for the virtual meetup itself.

About the PyTexas Foundation

The PyTexas Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to educating developers within Texas about Python. The PyTexas Conference is currently the foundation’s only fundraising event of the year.

How We Use The Funds

All sponsorship funds are used for the benefit of the PyTexas Foundation, Conference, Meetup, and the Texas Python community. We utilize funds to pay our venue, Discord, vendors, supplies, and all other things conference- and meetup-related. Any surplus funds that we collect are used to fund the minimal operating cost of the Foundation for the remainder of the year (primarily costs around bookkeeping, email, and foundation governance), as well as make next year’s PyTexas better.

Also, in an attempt to make PyTexas as accessible as possible to everyone, we subsidize our Individual ticket prices with Corporate tickets and Sponsorship funds. By doing this we are able to keep PyTexas Individual tickets as low as possible, ensuring that everyone can attend. If an attendee can’t afford a ticket, they can apply for a grant where we can offer them free tickets and sometimes funds for travel expenses.

Health and Safety

For in-person events, our attendees' health and safety remain our top priority as we continue to monitor the state of the pandemic and look to venue, local, state, and CDC guidelines to make the best and most informed decisions around onsite safety and requirements.

PyTexas has worked hard to be a community that is welcoming to all, including those of us who are immunocompromised, disabled, elderly, have support needs, or are caregivers for children, and those of us who share households with or caretake for people in those groups, so we will be erring on the side of safety for all participants.

PyTexas will continue to provide social distancing where possible. You can view our full Health and Safety Requirements for each in-person event on the event's website.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

All of our organizers are Texas residents and are all too familiar with the Texas Legislature's continued attacks on certain marginalized communities. PyTexas is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space for all attendees. We have adopted a new Code of Conduct this year to allow us to better protect our attendees and ensure the safety of everyone who attends.

Thank you for considering to sponsor PyTexas.

If you’re interested in sponsoring PyTexas, please reach out to [email protected].We look forward to continue to serve the Python community in Texas for years to come, and we’d be honored if you were to help us achieve this goal.