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The PyTexas Meetup

PyTexas Meetup Website


The PyTexas Meetup is a virtual meetup that aims to connect the Python developers within the great state of Texas and beyond. The meetup is hosted by the PyTexas Foundation and is organized and run by community volunteers. The meetup is held on the first Tuesday of the month.


The PyTexas Meetup was started in the Summer of 2023 by Brad Brown, Josh Cannon, Mason Egger, and Matt Criswell. The goal of this meetup was to create a space for Texas Pythonistas to be able to meet, network, and learn from the comfort of their own home. This idea for this meetup came about when we heard that there were people who lived in a major Texas metropolitan area that were unable to attend their local cities meetup because it would take hours of travel time to get there.

For those of you unaware of the sheer size of Texas, it can take anywhere of up to 3-5 hours to cross from one side of a major Texas city to the other.

However, the PyTexas meetup is welcome to everyone! Not just Texans!