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Talk Schedule

You can view the Tutorial schedule here

Time Saturday Sunday
08:00 AM Registration Opens & Breakfast Registration Opens & Breakfast
09:00 AM Day 1 Opening Remarks Day 2 Opening Remarks
09:15 AM Keynote
Lynn Root
Carol Willing
10:00 AM 15 Minute Break 15 Minute Break
10:15 AM Python Code vs Pythonic Code
Heather Crawford
20 GOTO 10: How to Make Scrolling ASCII Art
Al Sweigart
10:50 AM ContainerCraft: Mastering Efficient Integration Testing
Sameer Shukla
System Design on Easy Mode
Loren Sands-Ramshaw
11:25 AM Anarchy to Order - Organizing Assorted Data with Python and LLMs
Jason Koo
Building Efficient Containers for Python Applications
Avik Basu
11:55 AM Lessons Learned Maintaining Open-Source Python Projects
Bernat Gabor
Always Use Sets
Andy Fundinger
12:30 PM Lunch Lunch
02:15 PM Working with Audio in Python
Peter Sobot
Oh the (Methods) You Can (Make): By Dunder Seuss
Josh Cannon
02:50 PM PySecOps
Soundharya Khanapur and Shivani Shetty
Designing a Human-Friendly CLI for API-Driven Infrastructure
Oliver Rew
03:20 PM 15-Minute Break 15-Minute Break
03:35 PM Rest Easy with Jupyrest
Koushik Krishnan
Advanced Tracking with Kalman Filters and Stone Soup
Cynthia Ukawu
04:05 PM Iterate, Iterate, Iterate!
Moshe Zadka
Sanely Working With Legacy Code
Joe Cabrera
04:40 PM Voice Computing with Python in Jupyter Notebooks
Blaine Mooers
Plugging In with pkgutil, importlib, inspect, and a little spit
Josh Schneider
05:15 PM Lightning Talks Lightning Talks
05:45 PM After Party
09:00 PM After Party Ends