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Join Your Local Meetup

Want to meetup with people in your home city? Texas has various Python meetups throughout the state. Join yours today!

Inactive Meetups

A large number of meetups have yet to come back post-pandemic, or the meetup is no longer active. If you're interested in starting that particular meetup back up, let us know and we'll try to connect you with those organizers and get it going again.

How do you determine if a Meetup is inactive?

Active/Inactive designation is set if a meetup hasn't scheduled an event in over a year. If you see anything on this list that is inaccruate please let us know.

Austin-based Meetups

Dallas-based Meetups

Houston-based Meetups

San Antonio-based Meetups

Did We Miss One?

Our bad! We promise we didn't do it on purpose. Jump into our Discord server and tag @Conference Organizers and we'll add you here!