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Virtual Attendance

Thank you for attending the PyTexas Conference Virtually!

The virtual conference portion will be held in the PyTexas Discord Server

Gaining Access to the Correct Channels

  1. Join the PyTexas Discord Server
  2. Check-In and receive the Conference 2025 Attendees role
    1. In any text channel you can type the command: /register EMAIL_ADDRESS where EMAIL_ADDRESS is the email address that was used to register your ticket.
      1. When you type the command you should see a prompt for your attendee_email like this: /register command example
        This will send an ephemeral message, meaning only you will be able to see it.
      2. On success, you should see the output Registered!, have the role Conference 2025 Attendees added to your profile, and have access to the PyTexas Conference section and channels on the left hand nav bar. Nav bar
        1. If this command does not work for you, try a few more times. If that still doesn't work, send and email to [email protected].
        2. If you purchased your ticket as part of a group you may be unable to register. Please email [email protected] and we'll get this fixed for you.

Watching the Talks

All talks will be live-streamed in the pytexas-stage of the PyTexas Discord Server. Stages allow you to join in and listen without the ability to speak or turn on your camera. When you are in the stage you will be able to see the live stream. To make it bigger, double click on the video to enlarge it (unfortunately a true fullscreen option is not available).

Discord Stage

In this image Mason is on the stage speaking and presenting the screen. You would double click the presentation to make it bigger.

We highly recommend using the Discord application to view stages. We have had people experience issue when trying to use the Discord Web Application with Stages. For the best expeirience we recommend downloading and installing the Discord App.

Interacting with Other Attendees

We encourage you to interact with your fellow attendees! Networking at conferences is half the fun! ALl attendees, in-person and virtual, have access to the Discord server. There is a #conference-chat text channel in the PyTexas Conference section that should be used for conference related discussions. There is also a #random channel for you to use to discuss anything and everything (so long as it is within our code of conduct.)

Please keep all discussions appropriate and in accordance with our Code of Conduct

Asking the Speaker Questions

This year we will be using Slido to ask the speaker questions. Slido allows you to submit your question and up-vote other questions you'd like to hear the answer to.