Talk Schedule

This schedule may change at any time between now and the start of the conference. Please keep watch for updates both here and on social media.

Time Saturday Sunday
08:00 AM Registration Opens & Breakfast Registration Opens & Breakfast
09:00 AM Day 1 Opening Remarks Day 2 Opening Remarks
09:15 AM Keynote
Brandon Rhodes
Andy Knight
10:00 AM 15 Minute Break 15 Minute Break
10:15 AM A Tale of Two Typings
Thomas Stephens
Practical Decorators
Josh Schneider
10:45 AM Trust Fall: Hidden Gems in MLFlow that Improve Model Credibility
Krishi Sharma
Unlocking the Power of Health Data: An Introduction to FHIR and Python
Aly Sivji
11:15 AM Exploring Socio-technical Security Concerns in Critical Open-source Python Repositories
Jessy Ayala
Having fun with application design
Natalya Buga
11:45 AM A BuildEngineer in a buildless lang
Joshua Cannon
Duck Typing, Metaclasses, & Recursion: Building a Generalized Deep Collection Type
Joseph Nix
12:15 PM Lunch Lunch
02:15 PM Recursion for Beginners: A Beginner's Guide to Recursion
Al Sweigart
How to Build and Ship More Secure Python Apps with Sigstore
Lisa Tagliaferri
02:45 PM Build your own ChatGPT
Lizzie Siegle
HoloViz: Visualization and Interactive Dashboards in Python
Sophia Yang
03:15 PM 15-Minute Break 15-Minute Break
03:30 PM Real-time Event Streaming with Python
Dave Klein
Put your Pants on and lint all your Python code!
Aurelien Didier
04:00 PM Automating your Cloud Cost Analysis
Amy Arambulo Negrette
Using Python for Digital Investigations
Tristan Lee
04:30 PM Improving code without losing your mind
Chris May
Lightning Talks
05:00 PM Lightning Talks
05:30 PM After Party
08:00 PM After Party Ends