PyTexas 2013

New cloud factories run on Python

Thomas Hatch - SaltStack founder and CTO - [email protected] - Tom is the creator and principal architect of SaltStack. His years of experience as principle cloud architect for Beyond Oblivion, software engineer for Applied Signal Technology, and systems admin for provided real-world insights into requirements of the modern data center not met by existing tools. Tom’s knowledge and hands-on experience with dozens of new and old infrastructure management technologies helped to established the vision for Salt. Today, Tom is one of the most active contributors in the open-source community, and is widely regarded as rising star. For his work on Salt, in 2012 Tom received the Black Duck “Rookie of the Year” award and was named to the GitHub Octoverse Top 10 list for the project with the highest number of unique contributors sharing the list with other notable projects like Ruby and OpenStack.

The legacy cloud factory is not equipped with tools that are fast or scalable enough for the new Internet assembly line. Tom Hatch, SaltStack founder and CTO, spent years as a cloud builder / systems administrator and in the process used most of the available systems management tools. But the tools were insufficient for the job at hand.

So Tom created Salt from his basement, written in Python, with the idea to create a new breed of tools for data center automation, beyond just configuration management. Salt and other open source tools have exploded in popularity. These new tools are built for the speed and scale of any cloud and help automate management of the entire data center stack, from infrastructure to web-scale applications.

He will also show how the new breed of open source tools are being used by web-scale DevOps teams like LinkedIn, WikiMedia and OpenStack to quickly deploy and automate infrastructure and applications. Tom will also provide a sneak peak what kinds of tools will be utilized by the cloud factories of the future.

The audience will learn how to build and maintain Internet, cloud and web-scale applications using open source software written in Python.

Status: Accepted